Sunrise Senior Living, Palos Verdes


The project consists of a four-story assisted living facility housing 80 units over subterranean parking.  Construction documents for the project were originally approved in 2007, and construction commenced at that time; however due to recession, the construction was stopped at the end of 2008.  Project was restarted in 2014 and scope of services included reviewing existing condition of partially constructed building including rust on existing steel members and resubmittal to City of Torrance with any requested Construction Document revisions.  Structural system for building includes conventional foundations over stone columns, special concentric steel braced frames, flat structural slab at first floor level and concrete over metal deck spanning to steel beams at elevated floor levels.  MHP was successful in resurrecting partially constructed building by working with the Architect, the City and the Owner in order to complete construction in a cost effective and timely manner.


82,000 Sq. Ft.


Douglas Pancake Architects

Construction Cost: