Seismic Evaluation & Retrofit

The number of existing buildings vulnerable to earthquake damage is astounding, and is not well understood even by those in the Building Industry. We intend to fix that, one building at a time. At MHP, “Making Buildings Safe” is our motto. But, it is not just a tagline, it is truly our passion. We have spent many years developing technical expertise in Performance-based evaluation and strengthening of existing buildings through our recruiting and marketing, advanced degrees, and participation in seminars and committees that develop the technical knowledge required in this complex arena.

Our capabilities include detailed non-linear computer modeling, and creative strengthening technologies employing the latest products and materials (passive energy dissipation, BRBF, CFRP). More than half of MHP’s staff are licensed Structural Engineers, a very large percentage, and one that speaks to our expertise and experience. We participate in industry technical and code-development committees, and are intimately familiar with AB 300, ASCE 41, and recent soft-story and Non-Ductile Concrete (NDC) ordinances. Let us help you accurately identify your risks, and implement appropriate mitigation measures to make your buildings safe.