Due Diligence

The Due Diligence field is like no other. The pace of transactions for investment quality assets is mind-boggling. The opportunities gained with the assistance of a competent due-diligence team, or conversely the exposure created, are enormous. MHP has been a leader in the due-diligence arena since the early 1980s, and has evaluated thousands of projects for our clients. We have lived tight time-frames on large portfolios. More than half of MHP’s staff are licensed Structural Engineers, a very large percentage, and one that speaks to our expertise and experience. We serve on committees to grow our expertise and to lead the field in standards development. Importantly, in addition to being one of the largest seismic due-diligence providers in the country, MHP is at its core, a Design firm. Our design work provides code expertise and construction knowledge that firms providing only due-diligence services do not have. Our expertise and full-scope of services allows MHP to assist clients from initial Level 1 Seismic Risk Assessments, to detailed Level 3 investigations involving computer analysis and materials testing, and, when required, full Seismic Retrofit Design and Construction Support services.