Due Diligence

Lenders and long-term property holders rely on MHP to simplify the transaction process. For nearly 30 years, our team has produced fee-competitive structural due diligence reports to meet fast-paced deadlines for individual transactions and large portfolios. To date, MHP has produced upwards of 10,000 seismic assessment reports for PCA firms, lenders, property owners, developers and investors. Our team collaborates with AEC thought leaders on a variety of industry committees to increase our knowledge base and contribute to industry standards development.

While many due diligence firms are removed from structural design, MHP is a design leader with projects across the Western United States. Our direct role in structural design provides our team with the code expertise and technical capabilities needed to accurately assess risk for complicated projects of any size, age or construction type.

Our experience and full scope of services allows MHP to assist clients through the entire due diligence process from initial assessment through retrofit and construction support as needed.

Our structural due diligence service offerings include:
• ASTM-Compliant Level 1 Seismic Risk Assessments
• ASTM-Compliant Level 2 and 3 Seismic Risk Assessments including computer modeling and materials testing
• Renovation, Repair and Seismic Retrofit Design services