West Hollywood City Hall Parking Structure (AVRS)

West Hollywood, California

Size: 58,000 Square Feet

Construction Cost: Approx. $13M

MHP Services: Structural Design

MHP provided the structural engineering design for a 5-story parking structure to be used in support of a new Automated Vehicle Storage and Retrieve System (AVSRS). The structural system for the building is cast-in-place concrete with elevated 2-way flat slabs supported on 30-40 feet deep drilled caissons. The lateral load resisting system consists of concrete shear walls. Additional features include attachment of the exterior screen elements for the facade of the building and a roof top canopy for the support of solar panels.

The Westside Urban Forum awarded MHP Structural Engineers alongside GMPA Architects, LPA, Inc. & others as one of the recipients of the 2016 Design Awards. MHP was recognized for two design awards this year under the Public/Institutional Category –  the West Hollywood City Hall Parking Structure was honored the Merit Award.

The City of West Hollywood is thrilled to embrace automated parking as an innovative solution to the challenge of creating sufficient parking. The garage requires a much smaller physical footprint than would a conventional parking structure with a similar capacity. The space savings nets more than 7,000 square feet for a Community Plaza and entry service area that will be used for community events. The Automated Garage will help to answer the City’s need for parking for City Hall and for surrounding businesses. Parking your vehicle is as simple as driving in to the bay, pulling a ticket and walking away. The maximum vehicle retrieval time for an individual car is approximately two minutes. The automated garage has multiple lifts and shuttles that can move many vehicles at once.

Check out a video simulation of the parking garage by clicking here.