Manhattan Village Shopping Center

Manhattan Beach, California

Size / Construction Cost:    Varies

MHP Services:                      Structural Design and Seismic Evaluation

Project Status:                      Projects completed 2005-2015


MHP has been working with the owners and tenants of Manhattan Village Mall for nearly a decade, completing tenant improvements, feasibility study for mall entry enhancements, emergency repairs from truck impact, signage upgrades, repairs to exposed wood elements, and rooftop HVAC additions. MHP has also completed a Seismic Evaluation for the mall buildings.  In 2015, a major TI for the Apple Store relocation was completed. Apple’s space requirements necessitated the removal of six existing building columns, and replacement with new transfer girders spanning between new columns on either side of the space. An existing CMU shear wall and a steel moment frame were removed and replaced with two CMU shear walls outside of the space.