Long Beach Unified School District
David Starr Jordan HS Modernization

Long Beach, California

Size / Construction Cost:    3600 Students | $144M

MHP Services:                      Structural Design & Seismic Retrofit

Project Status:                      Phased Construction through 2020


The Jordan High School Modernization consists of a major reconstruction and renovation of a large high school campus serving over 3,600 students. The campus was constructed from the 1930’s through the ensuing decades, and includes 17 permanent buildings of various construction types. The project includes replacement of many buildings with new steel and concrete-framed two-story structures, as well as seismic rehabilitation of AB 300 and other existing buildings, including the Auditorium and Gymnasiums. The District is seeking funding through the Seismic Mitigation Program (SMP) created by Proposition 1D. The project requires broad structural engineering expertise and experience to address diverse structure types and ages, as well as new construction and rehabilitation. Various soil remediation options and special foundation systems are incorporated to address liquefaction hazards at the site. The project includes renovation and reconstruction of athletic fields, courts and stadiums. MHP is the structural engineer for both architectural teams designing the phased project.