Long Beach City College
Multi-Disciplinary Academic Building

Long Beach, California

Size: 117,000 Square Feet

Construction Cost: Approx. $38M

Architect: HPI Architecture

In conjunction with master planning for the modernization of Long Beach City College, MHP completed structural and seismic evaluations for a number of buildings on the College’s Pacific Coast Campus. MHP subsequently completed the renovation and seismic strengthening of four buildings comprising the Multi-Disciplinary Academic Building renovation project. Three of these buildings date to 1936, with the fourth building constructed in 1946.

The original structural systems for the buildings include steel trusses, basements, and concrete pier foundations. The structural design included an entirely new lateral force-resisting system comprised of steel braced frames and steel moment frames for the older buildings, and strengthening of the newer building with new or thickened concrete shear walls. Intensive computer modeling was required to address inherent torsional irregularities and to allow a refined placement of new lateral load-resisting elements.