Hector Godinez Fundamental
High School

Santa Ana, California

Size: 250,000 SF

Construction Cost: Approx. $85M

Hector G. Godinez Fundamental High School consists of a new comprehensive high school in Santa Ana, California. The project has joint-use agreements to ensure access to the play fields, gymnasium, performing arts center and multi-purpose facilities for the City of Santa Ana Centennial Park, Discovery Museum/Nature Center and Santa Ana USD.

Special consideration was given to the susceptibility to significant soil liquefaction caused by the nearby Santa Ana River, and deep foundation and structural slab-on-grade systems were implemented in the design. The limited site acreage required a three-level parking structure for staff and students.

With the construction of seven major campus buildings, nearly every common building material and structural framing configuration were used for the project. This includes masonry, cast-in-place and post-tensioned concrete, and structural steel. Lateral systems include steel braced frames, steel moment frames and masonry and concrete shear walls.