Healthcare – Infrastructure

Various Locations

MHP has provided the structural design for infrastructure for both acute care (OSHPD) and medical office buildings.  Projects include complete central plants in addition to anchorage and bracing of individual equipment including cooling towers, chillers, air handlers, data centers, oxygen tanks, generators, battery racks, data racks, UPS units, and transformers to name a few.  MHP has also been involved with numerous SB1953 NPC projects to allow hospitals to move forward in the OSHPD NPC rating classifications. MHP is also very familiar with the OSHPD seismic certification program (OSP) and OSHPD’s equipment anchorage program (OPM) and is currently in the process of developing OPMs for equipment vendors.  Another strength of MHP, within the infrastructure category, would be the review of bracing and support of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing conveyance systems.  Since these conveyance systems often times cross seismic separations between buildings, MHP works with the design team and the manufacturer of seismic joints to provide design and detailing on construction documents that are submitted to OSHPD early avoiding deferred approvals which result in possible delays for projects.