Floor Mounted Equipment Anchorage

MHP has provided the structural design for anchorage and support of numerous floor mounted gantries, patient tables, C-Arms and many other types of medical equipment on both new and existing floor framing.   Floor mounted equipment is either anchored at grade level or at an elevated level.  Challenges with floor mounted equipment at elevated levels include the capacity of the existing framing to accept the additional loading, vibrational characteristics of the elevated floor level, the accessibility from below to anchor the unit and not compromising the existing floor framing system.  Challenges for equipment mounted at grade include protecting installed unit from floor vibration within the facility and providing adequate resistance to overturning while satisfying soil bearing requirements.  Linear accelerators present additional challenges due to shielding required surrounding the equipment including thickened concrete walls, slab and roof over the accelerator.  OSHPD is the main jurisdiction for these projects; however MHP has also done numerous projects with city jurisdiction for medical office buildings.