Ebell Theatre Loft Conversion

Long Beach, California

Size: 14,000 Square Feet

Construction Cost: Approx. $3M

MHP Services: Seismic Evaluation and Retrofit

The Ebell Theater, a Long Beach Historical Landmark, was originally constructed in 1924 by one of the most influential builders in the City’s history, CT McGrew & Sons. Once used for performances, musical recitals, special events, religious services, and films, the building is one of the largest examples of Spanish Renaissance architecture in Long Beach.

MHP’s expertise was used to help convert the historic landmark theater through spatial transformation of its volume into eleven unique loft units. MHP embraced the opportunity to contribute to the renovation through enhancing its seismic safety while preserving the architect’s and owner’s visions. The Ebell Theater Lofts are now one of the most prominent buildings in the residential neighborhood and provide convenient downtown living while maintaining classic exterior facades and architectural compatibility between new and old.