Buena Park Police Headquarters at City Hall Campus

Buena Park, California

Size:                                        66,000 Sq Ft

Construction Cost:              Approx. $39M

MHP Services:                      Structural Design

The Buena Park Police Headquarters Building consists of a 66,000 sf, two-story structure. The $38.8 million Essential Facility includes a police dispatch center, Type I jail, crime laboratory, evidence and property storage and management facilities, firing range, community room, briefing facilities, and a training room designed as an Emergency Operating Center. Due to Emergency Operations Center components, the project included enhanced seismic design criteria to allow for support the Essential Facility designation.

This project was awarded 2010 Project of the Year by the American Public Works Association, which recognizes the partnership between the managing agencies, the consultants (architects and engineers), and the contractors who, working together, complete outstanding public works projects or programs.