100 Wilshire Seismic Evaluation & Retrofit

Santa Monica, California

The project scope consists of an ASCE 41 Level 3 seismic evaluation of a 255,000-square-foot, 21-story office tower over three levels of subterranean parking. The evaluation is to determine if the building complies with the City of Santa Monica mandatory seismic retrofit ordinance for non-ductile concrete (NDC) buildings. The building was constructed in 1970 and utilizes concrete moment-resisting frames as the lateral force-resisting system. Detailing is relatively ductile, due to the height of the building and specific code requirements for tall buildings at the time of construction.  MHP completed initial three-dimensional linear dynamic modeling of the building, which indicated minor deficiencies with certain structural elements. A Level 3 non-linear analysis is underway to determine if the building fully complies with the City of Santa Monica ordinance. The project is being Peer Reviewed by an outside consultant hired by the City.