MHP - Structural Engineers

Garry D. Myers, S.E opens his structural engineering business in West Los Angeles.

The firm moves to expanded offices adjacent to LAX and incorporates under the name G.D. Myers & Associates, Inc.

Ronald F. Nelson, S.E. joins forces with Garry to become Myers, Nelson & Associates expanding both clientele and engineering capacity.

David L. Houghton, M.S. S.E. joins the team in 1987 and in 1989 the change to Myers, Nelson, Houghton Incorporated is finalized. David utilizes his management background from Bechtel to help the firm transition from an entrepreneurial organization to a professionally
managed corporation.

As keystones to its growth in size and excellence, Myers, Nelson, Houghton, Inc. acquires W.D. Saunders & Associates, an Orange County structural engineering company specializing in seismic risk; and Schwab Engineering, a Los Angeles company which specializes in offering engineering services to the industrial and

healthcare/hospital/medical industries. In 1998, Mr. Nelson leaves the firm to pursue interests with various societies within the profession. Following his departure, the name of the firm changes to Myers, Houghton & Partners.


Myers, Houghton & Partners consolidates their Los Angeles and Orange County offices into new headquarters in Long Beach. Concurrent with this relocation, the firm merges with Bole & Wilson Structural Engineers, a premier Long Beach based firm whose 67-year history adds prominence and experience.  With this consolidation, Myers, Houghton & Partners becomes the preeminent structural engineering firm in Long Beach and the South Bay.

To keep management skills current with project and client requirements, the firm reorganizes to recognize its key professionals. The corporate structure now includes seven Partners in active management and technical roles.

Recognizing the strengths of all of the Partners, Myers, Houghton & Partners becomes MHP. Celebrating 35 years of exceptional service, this recognition paves the way for future growth, innovation and excellence.